Be careful what you wish for…and how you ask for it

Jeff makes giant armatureI’m really happy that some friends from my favorite online needle felting group volunteered to test some new armature designs for us. I’ve also been working on a doll just for fun, to celebrate the season premiere of Jeff’s life-long favorite, Dr. Who.

Jeff, our armature maker, is very precise, and he researches and uses proper proportions when making a frame. We had a giggle this week when I miscommunicated my need for a body frame for (the 10th Doctor) David Tennant’s head.

I told him that Tennant is 6’1″ tall, and I showed him the head I’d already made. Proportionally correct, Jeff returned with a frame quite bigger than I expected!

Fortunately, our new horse prototypes will fit on a crafting table and are on their way to our volunteer needle felting experts for testing. Next test, a Pomeranian! It’s always so interesting to see how each animal has evolved differently or not. I’m saving images of armatures and skeletons on a Pinterest board for our reference and to share with you. Be sure to follow our boards and suggest your favorite needle sculpture pins.

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