Must-See Shop, 52-Week Challenge Bone & New Holiday Needle Felting Kits

While looking for needle felting kits that complement this week’s 52-Week Bone Challenge, I was AGAIN reminded of the ever-fantastic work by Teresa Perleberg, owner of Bear Creek Felting.  She farms, needle felts, manages a shop and teaches online courses, which include her kits. Here’s a photo of the Turkey Kit. If you don’t have time to make your own “from scratch” before the holiday, or you need a hostess gift suggestion for your favorite fiber artist, I recommend kits by Bear Creek Felting.

Bear Creek Felting Turkey Kit

Can you guess why I’m recommending turkey kits with our 52-Week Challenge? Of course, it’s because this week we are focusing on the furcula. This bone is also called a wishbone, and yes, it’s the turkey or chicken’s fused clavicle. On Mental Floss’s website, there is a fun article about our tradition of breaking the turkey bone for a chance at good luck. According to the author, Matt Soniak, the practice started with some Etruscans who thought chickens had the answer to questions of the future and created what was perhaps the world’s first ouija board. Spread some feed on a circle divided and labeled with letters, note the order in which the chicken eats the feed, and you’ve got answers. More fun than a Magic 8 ball, I’d say.

Like the telephone game, this tradition was modified (first changed to drying and caressing the chicken bones – like good luck tokens – then later during shortages, breaking the bone) was passed along via the Romans through Europe and to England, then over the Atlantic to our very own feasts. I’m surprised the Puritans allowed such “heathen” charms, but of course many of our current traditions started in just this manner.

If you needle felt a chicken or turkey (or any clavicle) this week, be sure to post an in-progress photo on our Facebook page for a chance to win this month’s drawing. Last month, winners received a sheep pot lid lifter, which I hope comes in handy for Thanksgiving meal prep. And, to show our appreciation for all our customers, we are offering the code 2015NovThankful4You for a 20% discount on purchases over $1 until Thanksgiving 2015.

Happy Thanksgiving and holiday felting!

Oh, and P.S.: I’ve just listed our Winter Holiday Supply Kits on Etsy…if you need a suggestion for using that coupon code 😉

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