The SCA and I are turning 50

In 2016, the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and I turn 50 (I’m the elder, being born in February). When we moved to Wilmington this past summer, I finally joined in, since the local shire’s schedule suited ours better than when we lived in the Triangle.

To celebrate both our birthdays, I joined the Arts & Sciences (A&S) 50 Year Challenge and selected embroidery stitches for my 50 Things. I’m going to learn 50 new stitches by the anniversary in June, 2016, and treat myself to a week in Indiana.


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I am working more wet felting (traditional felting) into my repertoire and stock; however, the SCA provides me with a chance to branch out a bit for fun during events and to distract people from my poor dress making skills by embellishing frocks with freehand embroidery stitching! 🙂 Of course, I can use Wooly Brain wool to spin yarn, but I’m starting the project with beautiful, 100% lambswool hand-dyed using natural dyes fiber, from France and sold here by The Noble Thread.

I am also introducing a new line this spring, Dauminion Medieval, and I hope to include some of these new stitches in simple kits relevant to the time range. I’ve also learned that hats are popular purchases, and I ordered a hat form and inflatable balls from The Woolery on which to practice. They provide an easy-to-follow tutorial by Stephanie Alosso, who makes the new project seem less daunting (using kids and a trampoline – what fun!).


At our 12th Night celebration, my husband was the fortunate recipient of this trim, likely woven on an Inkle loom, and these buttons.

I haven’t though, even unpacked my new Inkle loom, which I hope to use with cards for tablet weaving. We do, though, have a talented weaver in our shire, so when I’m ready, I’m going to see if she will help. The first time I tried card weaving (without a loom, using C clamps on a table), I had yarn stretched from dining to living room, trying to count and cut what was needed, and resulting in quite a mess to untangle… but I made a pretty nice band for my wheelie craft case.

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