The SCA and I are turning 50

In 2016, the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and I turn 50 (I’m the elder, being born in February). When we moved to Wilmington this past summer, I finally joined in, since the local shire’s schedule suited ours better than when we lived in the Triangle.

To celebrate both our birthdays, I joined the Arts & Sciences (A&S) 50 Year Challenge and selected embroidery stitches for my 50 Things. I’m going to learn 50 new stitches by the anniversary in June, 2016, and treat myself to a week in Indiana.


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I am working more wet felting (traditional felting) into my repertoire and stock; however, the SCA provides me with a chance to branch out a bit for fun during events and to distract people from my poor dress making skills by embellishing frocks with freehand embroidery stitching! 🙂 Of course, I can use Wooly Brain wool to spin yarn, but I’m starting the project with beautiful, 100% lambswool hand-dyed using natural dyes fiber, from France and sold here by The Noble Thread.

I am also introducing a new line this spring, Dauminion Medieval, and I hope to include some of these new stitches in simple kits relevant to the time range. I’ve also learned that hats are popular purchases, and I ordered a hat form and inflatable balls from The Woolery on which to practice. They provide an easy-to-follow tutorial by Stephanie Alosso, who makes the new project seem less daunting (using kids and a trampoline – what fun!).


At our 12th Night celebration, my husband was the fortunate recipient of this trim, likely woven on an Inkle loom, and these buttons.

I haven’t though, even unpacked my new Inkle loom, which I hope to use with cards for tablet weaving. We do, though, have a talented weaver in our shire, so when I’m ready, I’m going to see if she will help. The first time I tried card weaving (without a loom, using C clamps on a table), I had yarn stretched from dining to living room, trying to count and cut what was needed, and resulting in quite a mess to untangle… but I made a pretty nice band for my wheelie craft case.

We’re now in Wilmington!

It’s been a busy and fun couple of weeks since we moved from Durham to Wilmington, NC. We’ve met really interesting people at Cape Fear Games, Elite Innovations, the Community Action Center, meetups, and at the Shire of Seareach, SCA, demonstration (shown below).

SCA Chainmail Demo

We’ve also set up some of our own meetups. Instead of creating another needle felting meetup, I’ll be adding these events to our Costuming, Cosplay, and LARP meetup, since felting is an ancient fiber craft that will fit in nicely with our SCA and LARP activities. You can find all our Wilmington events, and others we like, on Nettie’s Shared Calendar for Nerds and Newcomers.

September 1, 2015, our new Etsy store will officially open and offer needle felting supplies and tools, since we seek the best prices for ourselves and hope to pass on the savings to fellow artists. Please visit us and let us know if you have questions or suggestions.

Happy Felting!

Needlefelted Autumn Cottage Lantern

We are soon visiting my parents to celebrate my dad’s birthday, and I made a lantern for my mother. We started out using our regular, 14-gauge, aluminum fencing wire, but then Jeff had the idea to use a mini (7.5 oz) soda can. The pre-felt I had on hand turned out to be too thick for the haunted house effect I first had in mind, so I went with a warm, autumn cottage one. The LED candles are perfect for a gentle, glowing effect that can be seen in daylight. I’ll use thinner felt for the haunted house I want to show well in darker areas.

Needlefelt autumn cottage on can armature

Midsummer Meetup Planning

ewe and me felted sea starsWe had a terrific response to the release of our schedule for the second half of 2014. We added a short, late afternoon session to follow our usual mid-day Sunday gatherings, so that people with morning obligations or those who cannot make a three-hour meeting have another option. I was delighted to see that folks who signed up for the first session want to stay for the second.

Here is what we’ve planned so far:

August: (Mid-day) Beginning Needle Felting & (late-day) Needle Felted Bonsai and 3-D Landscapes

September: (Mid-day) Framing Fairy Stories (Armatures) & (late-day) Sea Softies

October: (Mid-day) Scary Softies and Felted Zombies

November: (Mid-day) Needle Felted Pumpkins and Gourds

December: (Mid-day) Advanced Needle Felting Reindeer